Let us Bring Your Vision to Life!



Mission Statement

"Our mission at Validus Construction is to transform the combined visions of the project owners and consultants into a flawless physical reality by means of collaborative teamwork and skilled resource management. Yet, what we really aspire to do is to build something better than you expect – on time, on budget and with our personal attention to every detail" ~ Nicole Wickens, Owner

Industries Served

  •  Hospitality
  •   Retail
  •  Restaurant
  • Entertainment 
  • Commercial Office
  •  Gaming
  •  Theme Park
  •   Event & Sports Venues

With our experience in the Florida market, we have developed long lasting owner and subcontractor relationships with the best in the industry. By strategically placing our personal reputation for professionalism, ability to develop and sustain business partnerships and quality of performance to deliver results that exceed the clients expectations.

The Difference....


        Founded on honesty, integrity and hard work the purpose of the firm is to develop an organization that creates jobs and support to our local community for decades to come. Validus is not just another construction company, but a firm striving to "reset the standard" for construction services in Central Florida.  What sets Validus Construction apart from the competition is not so much the finished product, but the manner in which we deliver it. Validus Construction recognizes that the foundation of business is relationships! Relationships not just with important clients, but with everyone with whom we deal including local officials, subcontractors, suppliers, maintenance crews, employees, etc. The real key to building successful relationships is "Service". We clearly recognize that the success of each project and the overall success of the company are dependent upon the individual people with whom we work. It is our intent to earn the confidence and loyalty of our clients and our community through our commitment to service excellence.  



At Validus Construction we believe that bringing 

the client's vision to life is our responsibility,

and we take great pride in our ability to do just that.

      7130 S. Orange Blossom Trail #111 Orlando,FL 32809    Office: (407) 413-5022